LOWLANDS DESIGN presents: The DutZ Collection

Welcome to our shop. Enjoy our selection of DutZ mouth blown glassware. Distinctive Dutch Design

Our Collections

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    Mouth blown glass is our passion. Each glass vase, bowl, pot, candleholder, centrepiece vase, candle glass, or presentation dish is the result of dedicated craftsmanship of the artisan glassmakers from our Eastern European workshops.  Each item is mouth blown and hand-formed. Every bump, air bubble or colour variation is the result of the ancient artisanal process of glass-blowing. No item is ever exactly identical. And that's how we like it.

  • Dutch Design

    What does DutZ mean? DutZ is an abbreviation of 'Durf Uitgesproken
    Te Zijn', which can be translated as: dare to be distinct. The collection is special because of the fascinating craft of glass-blowing. Each product is carefully designed in Holland and true Dutch Design.

  • Distinctive Style

    DutZ is considered a trend maker around Europe and presents its latest trends at various European and global trade fairs. The luxurious quality of the vases, bowls, pots, candleholders and other glassware is the result of dedicated craftsmanship of the master glassblowers from our East European glass factories. DutZ is different. DutZ is special due to the huge amount of energy invested in the development of new products.
    You will find surprising new series every season