An IKEA glass vase for £1.50

An IKEA glass vase for £1.50

An IKEA glass vase for £1.50, so why buy DutZ?


Why are DutZ glass vases so much more expensive than Ikea?


Yes, we do get this question sometimes…. Sigh. So, we thought why not actually truthfully answer that question?

If you are looking for a glass Ikea vase: the PÅDRAG costs just £1.50 (!). Here is the Ikea selection:



It's neat, stylish and costs the same as a sausage roll. How do they do it and why is DutZ so very different?

Let us tell you about the true difference between that machine manufactured Ikea vase of £1.50 and the true glass craftsmanship that is required to make a DutZ vase.



The craft of glassmaking has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. The earliest glass artefacts are about 4000 years old. And from the Greek and Roman area we see some incredibly beautiful and skilful glass artefacts. But to be able to shape and craft the molten glass, you must be a very masterful and crafty tradesman. It demands precision, tool handling, patience, and very hot temperatures.


What is the difference between machine made glass and mouth blown glass?

Let’s start with the obvious facts: most of our regular glassware, such as wine and beer bottles, drinking glasses, glass dishes, jars and most regular glass household items are machine made. They are inexpensive, disposable, and utility objects, and mostly they are made from low quality glass. However, they are made in bulk with incredible precision and uniformity, which can only be achieved with machines. Made in the millions, if not billions (690 billion glass bottles will be made globally in 2028) And yes most of this will be created in Chinese factories. Often you can see the lines where the glass is pressed together. These are functional vessels.

Mouth blown glass is also known as hand blown glass, as it is indeed made with the use of hands and mouths. The molten mix of silica sand, lime, sodium and colouring minerals are gathered in a very hot furnace (read this blog on the making of DutZ glass). This molten liquidly glass mix will be blown with a blowpipe in a pre-manufactured mould. This mould is often made by hand from wood. The mould contains the required design, but still the hot glass design needs to be further shaped, cut and finished in order to create the desired vase, pot or bowl. Hand blown glass will ever only be made in small batches.



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