Ceramic pots

Our Selection

From popular Orchid pots, flower pots or cacti planters to pottery pots with quirky designs or plant containers with coarse rough clay for a trendy urban jungle feel in your home decor, or sleek contemporary plant pots. We can supply a large range of wholesale ceramic indoor planters. We can also supply extra-large indoor ceramic pots and planters for offices with a height of 140cm.

Pots for interior design

Plants are very popular and will add a lot of atmosphere to any interior design. But to find the right indoor plant pot can be difficult, specially if you are looking for artisan crafted handmade planter for indoor use. Our earthenware pots will add a exclusive touch to any home decor and interior design.

Our designs

From luxury decorative plant pots, to sleek modern planters or quirky asymmetrical pots and oval pots, we have a large selection of bulk ceramic plant pots available. Our designs are created by the artisan masters of clay Ecri Living, who are artistic pottery makers from Holland and true creators of Dutch Design. The ceramic plant pots and planters are popular with florists, interior designers, garden centres, hotel and restaurant designers, landscape architects and others.

Our coatings

Our wholesale and bulk pots can be coated from a selection of about 60 distinct glazes. So, your pot or planter selection can be bespoke and custom made to your requirements. The colour selection ranges from basic colour schemes to multi-coloured to coatings with precious metals for our handcrafted artisan pots.

Wholesale ceramic pots

Our pots are made from the finest clay and not comparable to terracotta pots. Lowlands Design is able to supply a large range of wholesale ceramic pots in the UK and Ireland. If you require plant pots for retail, your florist, garden centre or even your hotel, restaurant, event, interior design we can help you select from a very large range of decorative and contemporary ceramic pots. Designed by the Masters of Clay Ecri Living in the Netherlands.


Feel free to contact us or request more details regarding our ranges of artisan ceramic pots. Hello@lowlandsdesign.co.uk