Ecri Exclusive


Handcrafted & Artisan

Because every item is crafted by artisan pottery makers or ceramic and pottery pots, vases, bowls are unique in character. Our exclusive range contains our EGG collection, with its egg shell like design and the RAW collection which has a very likely and natural look, like a patchwork of pebbles and rocks. These containers have a contemporary design for modern living with remarkable artisan quality.

Ceramics for interior design

Our exclusive range is not just suitable as flower vases, plant pots or plant bowls, but they are unique design objects by itself. The ceramic vessels are suitable for home decoration, interior design and also as ceramic plant or flower containers. These are beautiful artisan handcrafted design objects and wheel thrown and crafted with care and dedications.

You select the coatings

Our wholesale and bulk plant bowls can be coated from a selection of about 60 distinct glazes. So, your vase or pot selection can be made unique to your exact requirements. The colour selection ranges from basic colour schemes, to multi-coloured to coatings with precious metals for our handcrafted artisan vases and pots.

Wholesale ceramic vases and pots

If you are looking for exclusive luxury ceramic vases, pots or bowls we can certainly help. Our exclusive range of earthenware pots will provide exclusive floral and plant vessels to your interior design, retail or gift shop, your florist shop, garden centre or even your hotel, restaurant or exterior design. Lowlands Design supplies a large range of wholesale ceramic containers in the UK and Ireland. Designed by the Masters of Clay Ecri Living in the Netherlands.