DutZ Coloured Glass

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Luxury flower vases

DutZ [Collection] vases are well known in Europe and around the world. As every glass vase is individually crafted and mouthblown from thick, heavy and luxurious glass, it means that every item is unique in shape, colouring and design.

Besides a large range in colourful classic conic vases, cylindrical vases or solifleur vases, DutZ has an ever-changing collection of trendy and elegant shapes and designs. Furthermore, DutZ glass designs work with air bubbles, metal chips, glass shards, frosted glass and many other novel techniques of making sure DutZ vases are a unique statement in any floral design, home décor or interior design.

The glass vases range from small table vases to 69cm tall centrepiece floral display vases. And we can provide a large range of wholesale luxury flower vases in the UK.

Plant and flower pots

Plant and flower pots are an integral part of interior design. The DutZ glass plant pots provide an element of colourful luxury in any home décor.  Our glass pots and glass bowls are excellent with popular plants such as exotic orchids, or amaryllis. DutZ glass plant pots will enhance stylish colourful orchids or give lively statements to cool and trendy #urbanjungles.  The indoor glass planters range from 7cm to 18cm in height and can be bought wholesale in the UK.


Set vases

A set of colourful vases will create playfulness, brightness in any interior design. It will give creativity and height and depth to a floral display at an event or it is simply beautiful to spread a bouquet out over a set of colourful vases. DutZ sets of glass vases are available in various designs, every set will contain a variety in colours and dimensions, which when displayed together create an amazing display of colours. Set vases are available as solifleur vases, bud vases, cylindrical vases, small sets and sets with tiny feet.

Glass decorative plates

The glass plates and trays from DutZ are beautiful display pieces. They are used as food displays in restaurants, food stores or as presentation dishes on tables. The plates are translucent and some will have air bubbles inside, this creates a fantastic display of light. DutZ plates are decorative glass displays and are eye-catching on their own or a stylish home accessory filled with candles.  


Glass votives and candleholders

Candles give a cosy and comfortable feeling to any home. Placed inside a colourful mouthblown glass votive from DutZ, candles will give a bright and colourful display of illumination in a room. DutZ glass tealight candle holders come in many colours and various dimensions and are suitable for scented candles, large candles and even stick candles. We provide a large range of wholesale glass votives and glass cylinders for candle holders.

Colourfull glass hurricanes

Glass hurricanes are a popular centrepiece in interior design. They are tall, thick glass and impressive pieces of glassware and can both be used as flower vases or candle holders. Some glass hurricanes will have a cup inside to fit a tea light or candle. They can be used indoor to give a beautiful illumination to a room or on an outdoor table and will shield the candle from the wind. We also have a range of clear glass hurricanes.