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Gezelligheid in the UK

Forget about Scandinavian Design, forget about the Danish Hygge concept or the Swedish Lagom style. The Dutch are here, and we're all about Dutch Design and Gezelligheid. The English translation of gezelligheid: cosiness, does not capture the full concept, but it's close. Gezelligheid is about comfort, warmth, feeling at home and the Dutch go to great lengths to make their home gezellig.  

The Dutch are world famous for their design as well as for their flower business. Lowlands Design incorporates both: vases, bowls and floral vessels, combined with the power of beautiful Dutch Design. Dutch Design excels in its use of materials, colours and trend setting, state-of-the-art designs.

The Netherlands are well known as the Lowlands of Holland, as much of the nation is below sea level. In many languages to country is referred to as the low countries. In French it is: les Pays-Bas, in English: nether lands, and even in Dutch we often call is: de lage landen. All meaning the low lands.

Lowlands Design represents strong Dutch brands that both make and design their own products. Businesses that care deeply for artisan crafts that form the core of their company and that get passed down generations. DutZ glassware is handmade and mouthblown by master glass-blowers in workshops in Eastern Europe and the the papercraft is Studio Roof a strong cutting edge of toy and decoration designs.

Lowlands Design was established by Allon Leever who was born in Amsterdam and raised in the famous flower village of Aalsmeer, amidst the tulip fields and the biggest flower auction in the world. As a London dweller he has traded between the Netherlands and the UK for many years.


Our stockists & customers


In business since 2016

We are proud as Lowlands Design to be working with the top of the industry in the UK. DutZ [collection] and Studio Roof are both strong recognisable brands that are used worldwide by florists, hotels and interior designers.

Clients of ours in the UK and Ireland include:

Bespoke glassware

DutZ [Collection] - We get asked on many occasions if we can design something particular or special for a business. Or if we can produce a certain vase design in a particular corporate colour. We certainly can assist you with this. However glass blowing is artisan work and although our European workshops are very skilful glass there will be limitations in colours, shapes, designs, glass techniques etc. There will also be scale requirements and minimum orders quantities to consider.

To enquire about our bespoke options contact hello@lowlandsdesign.co.uk or give us a call.

DutZ Collection glassware handcrafted handblown wholesale UK clear coloured glass vases Dutch design

Dutch Design in the UK

We represent strong successful Dutch brands in the UK

Lowlands Design only works with well established popular Dutch brands in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The companies we work with care about the quality of their products, thoughtful design and proven business processes. In the past few years we have established ourselves as an excellent platform for Dutch brands in the UK. We have forged strong commercial connections with UK based Interior designers, hotels, florists, restaurants and retail. 

If you are a Dutch brand that seeks sales representation, a sales agent or distribution in the UK we can help. Contact us if you have a Dutch Design product you would like us to consider to add to our portfolio. 


Lowlands Design werkt alleen met gerenommeerde Nederlandse merken in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. De bedrijven die wij vertegenwoordigen werken met zorg aan hun produkt, kenmerken zich door kwaliteit, uitstraling en design, en hebben bewezen bedrijfsprocessen. In de afgelopen jaren hebben we ons gevestigd als een platform voor Nederlandse merken die zich in het Verenigd Koninkrijk willen lanceren. Wij hebben sterke commerciële banden met interieur ontwerpers, hotels, bloemisten, restaurants en winkels in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Brexit (update: Feb 2019): Uiteraard is het goed hier even bij stil te staan als u dit leest. Het is moeilijk op dit ogenblik te overzien wat de gevolgen zullen zijn voor NL/UK handel. Maar het is duidelijk dat die er zeker wel zullen komen. Denk aan meer im-/export formaliteiten, wachttijden voor vervoer naar de UK, en mogelijk zelfs invoertarieven. Als bedrijf dat in de UK is gevestigd is het voor ons noodzaak om op de hoogte te blijven van alle veranderingen en onze Nederlandse partners zo goed mogelijk bij te staan in handel met de UK. 

meer info: https://www.brexitloket.nl/

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Feel free to contact us if your Dutch Design business seeks sales representation in the UK.

Neem gerust contact met ons op als uw Dutch Design bedrijf op zoek is naar verkoop kanalen in de UK.


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